About Me

I started studying Chinese language when I was 15, and moved to Beijing when I was 16 to attend Public High School in Beijing. That was almost 10 years ago, and since then I’ve spent most of my life living in China, immersed in the language and culture of the region. But, immersion into Chinese language and culture is not easy in 21st century Beijing. I wanted to see the countryside, the ancient traditions, the ways of old. Eventually, by chance or by fate, Chinese tea crossed my path and presented itself as a possible access point to that world. I leapt at the opportunity, and I haven’t looked back since… except for a few times when I looked back and asked myself what on earth am I doing and why am I doing it.

            When I finished my Bachelor’s in Chinese Studies, I enrolled in a Master’s program in Tea Science at a school of agriculture in South China, where I remain today as a year 3. My classes are taught in Chinese, my friends here are all Chinese, my thoughts, dreams, daily experiences, everything is in Chinese. Tea did turn out to be that access point I was hoping it would be.

             My research takes me out to organic tea farms, places I have grown to love wholeheartedly. I am honored to study elements of tea science and culture under distinguished tea masters and tea scientists. These people provide an alluring challenge that I’m drawn to, and a constant check on the reality that I have a long way to go.

All in all, my lifestyle keeps a smile on my face. I want to dive deeper into what I’m doing and learn more about varietals, terroir, processing, health effects, tea tree genetics, therapeutic roles of horticulture, Eastern religion and philosophy, and the list goes on (the list does’t really go on, I just ran out of things to say. it’s already a pretty full list though).

Please feel free to reach out!

That’s not even tea, it’s coffee

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